A powerful brand image doesn’t just say you’re the best
choice, it says you’re the only choice.  Your brand tells

your story, gives your company instant validity and can

even strike an emotional chord with your target market. 


Staffin Design Associates is a boutique design studio

specializing in strategic branding, package design, sales

and collateral materials that will visually communicate a
strong message using simple and clean design methodology.  The end result makes a memorable impact in the mind of the consumer. 


With over 20 years of experience in Strategic Branding, Graphic Design, and Package Design, you will get the
expertise of a professional.  My overall goal is to transform
your business messages into impactful design that

inspires action and maximizes return on investment. 


Branding ensures that no matter the size of your company,
your target audience will remember you, talk about you,

and recommend you to friends.